Summer Star

Lolite, spessartine and tourmaline;
set in gold

Garden of Eden

Silver, agate, turquoise and white coral


left: lemoncitrine, amethyst and moss agate
right: tourmaline, agate, amethyst and silver
below: lemocitrine, bordered with tourmalines,
onyx and antique glass stone


above: white gold, amethyst, tourmaline,
spinel and honey stones
bottom: white gold, yellow quartz,
tourmalines and peridot

Lucky charm Tiger paw

Gold, sapphires and diamonds

Apple blossom

Silver, wing pearls, brown and pink pearls
and an agate


Spinel 3 ct. set in white gold


Gray spinel and aquamarine;
set in white gold


Tourmaline, pink spessartine and agate;

Blue Flowers

Turquoise and moonstone; set in silver