"Jewellery itself is the most feminine thing there is"

Mahrokh Beck, born 1951 as Mahrokh Aramesh in Teheran, Iran. In 1965, she came to Germany, where she studied Visual Arts at the Stuttgarter Kunstakademie and later also at the Münchner Akademie der Bildenden Künste, where she graduated in 1981.

Designing jewellery and exploring the special meanings of gemstones have always been her passion, which she has been realizing since 1987. 
MAHROKH BECK JEWELLERY is a continuously growing collection of unique pieces of jewellery; each design and creation is an entirely unique process of inspiration and coming to life. Each piece is entirely handmade, one of a kind and holds a special story.

Mahrokh's collection has been documented in several catalogues. The first catalogue was "Unruhige Dinge" ("Unsettled things") with texts by Walter Grasskamp, one of Germany's most well known art historians. Another catalogue was published in 2003 with texts by Avinoam Shalem. Her collection has also been presented at many different national and international exhibitions.